2018 Alumni Band Music


Use the links below to download copies of the new music for Alumni Band 2018.  The fight song and The Final Countdown are included here but full packets are available at the HS so that you can play along with other songs in the stands if you want.  You can also listen to a recording of the music using the play controls on the right side of the page or download the recording just below.

We’ll have one optional rehearsal on Sunday September 16th from 7-8pm and then will meet at 4:45pm at the USHS Stadium field on Friday night (September 21st) to go over the plan for the night.  Pizza and drinks will be provided to all alumni band members!

Please make sure you’ve “signed up” to participate in Alumni Band this year!  This is how we will plan for food and drinks (and make sure everyone has an instrument)!  The form is included below if you haven’t done this year!

The Final Countdown

01 Flute - 2018 AB.pdf

02 Clarinet - 2018 AB.pdf

03 Alto Sax - 2018 AB.pdf

04 Tenor Sax - 2018 AB.pdf

05 Trumpet - 2018 AB.pdf

06 F Horn - 2018 AB.pdf

07 Trombone - 2018 AB.pdf

08 Baritone BC - 2018 AB.pdf

09 Baritone TC - 2018 AB.pdf

10 Sousaphone - 2018 AB.pdf

11 Snare Drum - 2018 AB.pdf

12 Cymbals - 2018 AB.pdf

13 Quads - 2018 AB.pdf

14 Bass Drum - 2018 AB.pdf


Due to increasing numbers in the Upper Sandusky Band program, you WILL NOT have an instrument for alumni band unless you notify Mr. Morris that you will be coming.  Please use the form below to “sign up” for Alumni Band!